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With a harmonic pair of chords starts the track “Life”, the second single of the newest Sonata Arctica’s album, The Ninth Hour, released in October 7th.

This brand-new song brings Kakko’s pure style. It is such an emotional song that reaches the deepest part of our hearts. This song reflects the magic of spending and enjoying Life.

A brainstorm of ideas comes along with the song through different musical arrangements. It is interesting how lyrics’ synchronization, melody and harmonic modulation can make us travel from one world to another with no need of long or complex transitions or interludes.

The song begins with an instrumental part of the chorus, and in a flash, it shows the main keynote of the whole song. Kakko’s voice shows up, coupling with the original tone, marked with a sublime sonority which tells us about life, about every single moment lived through time, how to enjoy and make the most of it, without letting negative facts affect or impact deeply, fighting adversity.

I’m about to quote: “Life is better alive, It is a dumb thing to say, but the fact won’t wane away”
Doubtless, “Life” is a repetitive concept, it sounds “dumb” to say it, but there is a main reason why, you’ll find it.


After a brief transition, the chorus comes back with the voice now, wanting to give us the message of this song, to get a buzz from life, accepting every single detail, the good and bad things that may happen through time, regarding its lightness and how unique it is, giving to every single action we do, a special meaning, followed by a fair harmonic progression that drives us to another strong tone that supports this masterpiece given by Tony Kakko.

The following section, before solos, it is very interesting, because over another harmonic modulation, a new sonority begins, talking about time. It is curious how time becomes more unsteady and perhaps, “raging”, trying to show how unpredictable and indomitable time is for us, through music.

Klingenberg and Elias Viljanen slight guitar solos induce peacefulness, calm, enthusiasm, spirit, hopes and strength. In my opinion, it opens a path to come back to that sublime sonority presented at the beginning, retaking “Life” as the main topic, telling us to let ourselves to be surprised by every single detail of life, taking every chance, and of course, don’t stop laughing.
With this, we go back to listen to the beautiful chorus and the track starts with a long fade out until “Life” finally concludes.

Thanks to Jaime Brown.
Written by Valentina Reyes
Translated by Daniela Jara